Drippin 'n Drivin

King Trife


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  • Composer

    Michael Goode (ASCAP) 50%, Dustin Earl Brown (BMI) 50%

Lyrics English

Formal introduction
The beginning of a memory
Complement the look and smell responding to the sensory
Noticed common interests increase the chemistry and on everything I'll never fall for anything
I Probably stand a chance but confidence can leave you blind
My soul is pure Devine assuming that we meet in time
Then we celebrate on how we elevate through sky's
Never to look back and never wondered why
Just live in the moment, the moment, the moment yeh
The feelin can't be broken, I'm open, I'm open yeh
The energy is flowing, it's growing keep it going yeh
This is the best day of my life
And I wanna ride this wave all night
Drippin' and Drivin'
Shining in the whip
Gotta live it how I ride it
Everyone vibin
No looking in the rear view
This is my time and
Monday thru Sunday
Livin everyday like ya birthday
Tonight's the night we get loose
Grab sum'n, sip it if ya thirsty
The vision was clear
So never was We living in fear
And never mind their opinion
To focus to care
Good energy zone
Riding for a purpose it's on
And I remember being fatigue
But I kept going strong
We don't ball to play
We play to ball
And we don't run from nothing
We stand up tall
And now we sit on yachts
Riding waves in all
And nah we ain't worried about Tomorrow
Just live in the moment, the moment, the moment yeh

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