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  • Pierre Victor Degaillande

Lyrics English

Rocks falling from outer space a million miles an hour
Potential destruction of the whole human race brought by a glimmering shower
Meteorite I know tonight you'll kill me but it'll be beautiful
You penetrate my atmosphere
My fascination will crush my fear
A shower of light at the end of the night
Oh what a wonderful way to go
Oh what a sign of the times
A sentence of death that is larger than life
Look out, the sky's gonna crush us
Pure entertainment and so very precious
A gorgeous distraction unfolds overhead
A sizzling hail of alien lead
The misunderstandings that tear us apart
Are falling like submarines out of the dark, into my heart
That's how it feels when you leave
That's how it feels to be free
A smouldering glittering crater holes
The size of subway stations
Turn into skating ramps and swimming pools
To be enjoyed by the next generation
Meteorite, I know tonight you shine on a world that's incredible
To light up a future that's wonderful

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