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  • Daria L. Klotz, Kenneth M. Savelson, Pierre Victor Degaillande, Quentin Jennings

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Be my little SOS
Be the feline on my chest
Fahrenheit or Celsius you melt away all my distress
Be my little space heater
Drain the juice in the meter
I'm Sir Shackleton stuck on this frozen pole
So please be my Eskimo
Life may throw its icicles and freeze us to the follicles
Let's be little polar bears and sleep without our underwear
There's a mirror surrounded by lights
In the dressing room of your mind in the back of your eyes
There you sit and you make up you mind
And you smile at yourself and get ready for life
Be the hole in my ozone
Be the end of the cold war
If you concentrate glaciers will fade away
It will be hilarious

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