Give Me Your (Soul)

Jon Jones


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  • Justin Smith

Lyrics English

Give me your soul
Give me your treasure and give me your gold
I've heard and I've always been told
Counting my money will never get old

Give me your time
Give me back what was rightfully mine
Think real hard and you will find
Your brain only works about half of the time

There's a sharp thorn in your side
The pain is numbing but you can't hard
So you conform and learn the lies
You do not trust your own two eyes

Give me your voice
If you want to be heard you've got to make some noice
No one will listen if given a choice
You've got to fight a battle to make your point

Try to be real
And don't try to sell me that shit you steal
Working to reinvent the wheel
I changed my mind let's make a deal

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