Hearts Beat and Take a Beating

Forest Sun


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  • Forest Sun

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Hearts beat and take a beating
The pounding rhythm of my blood
Pain is just another way of seeing
Everything I haven't understood

When did I learn to be so lonely
In torpid afternoons that last all day
If I could remember what you told me
Maybe this heavy feeling would go away
Or has it always been this way?

Driving up and down this high way
Forgetting where I'm supposed to go
If you go your way and I go my way
Will we meet up on down the road

Like templates of the dreams that never happen
Stacked in piles on the the desk
Would I still have gotten flattened
If I'd said no instead of yes
Wish I could say I did my best

How do you sell what can't be spoken
How do you find what isn't lost
Is this still the life you've chosen
If I'm unwilling to pay the cost?
Or just another coin you've tossed?
Hearts beat and take a beating
Hearts beat and take a beating
Hearts beat and take a beating

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