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  • Elizabeth A. Webb, Justin P. Lamoureux, Nicholai D. Johnson

Lyrics English

I can't wake fast enough from this long overdue sleep alarm is going off to remind me of the seriousness I can't drive fast enough to get me work on time I'm thinking about my love and how I wish there was more time I don't see the cracks the cars or any signs on the new expressway I don't see the monuments the official statues I don't look anymore something we claim to be standing for if it's help I could use some now so I just sit at work and dream to get me through the day it's just another company with timelines and tragedies to keep my hands tied with all these deadlines I should have taken some time off to be with Gloria unpaid or whatever I should have I should have but now she is gone and I want to visit the few states I am missed along the way New Jersey North Carolina and south southeast I just want to pick up the pace and this guitar and play if it's healing I could use some now a phone call from my dad on Tuesday I told him my troubles and he said son open your eyes this job is a blessing you are saving kids lives and doing what is right. but I don't feel right reducing my life to meet someone else's dream burn me up young and through me out old alone and full or regret so I can't leave fast enough to get me out of this place the alarm is going off to remind me of the seriousness if it's hope I could use some now

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