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  • Christoph Hofbauer, Herve Twahirwa, Liliane Teuwen, Matondo Waku

Lyrics English


How comes I was rejected applying for that job and salary
By that funny guy with a twisted look and that scrutiny
How comes we never see mixed race couples on TV
And if we do, it's too much an issue to bear for me

Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah - Think about it
Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah - Think about it

How comes if I want to rent this flat, I need to send my better half
My love that is of different colour than me
How comes I get stopped by the cops, do I look suspiciously?
Or is it the colour of my skin, makes 'em behave like this to me

How comes a global village is what earth was meant to be
But barriers still remain the same effectively
How comes if we live colour blind theory
Ain't the rule, but exceptional mentality

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