Ancient History

Drazy Hoops


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  • M.W. Ivan Anderson

Lyrics English


I was thinking about the dawn of time
But I'm never going back there
I was thinking you were a friend of mine
But I'm never going back there
My friends they're on my family tree
When the roots are exposed
Winds change, some pain is meant to be
And everybody knows

Ancient history will rob you blind
But I'm never going back there
Yeah you can stick it where the sun don't shine
' Cause I'm never going back there
Starlight on all that's lost to me
It's infinity and change
A far cry from all the costs you'll see
I turn another page

You know me and you know that I can never win
But can't you see that this is now and that was then
All my friends they talk about the times they never thought about decisions that were made
But then again, again my friends now is now and then is then and you should never be afraid

In some distant summer time
Dreams so ripe they fall right off the vine
I am yours
You are mine
That is all
All is fine
All this lost
Can't be saved
The road to paradise is never paved
Won't you come
Please be free
Won't you come
Let it be
No I'm never going back there

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