Closer To The Sun



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  • Nickolas Samuels

Lyrics English

Remember when
You and me best of friends
We'd never part

The times we'd spend
Locked in your room
But we traveled far

Our eyes were closed
But it wasn't dark
The pills we took
Took us on....

...the run
And I feel like my life has begun
Closer to the sun
And I dread the time when I come down....

As days wore on
The look in your eyes
Seemed to disappear

The thrills were gone
Replaced with the liquor that suffocates
Your history shows in your broken face
The boy I knew had become a man...

....on the run
Waiting for this life to move on
That bastard son
Waiting for his time to die

I know, things weren't as easy as they seemed
I hope, the end will justify the means
That's why I sending out a prayer for you, I hope you remember my name
I wish that I could have been there for you to help you through your pain

Questionable vocal performance.
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