Mayor Of Olympia

Smile Brigade


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  • Jeremy Charbonneau, Jesse H. Boggs

Lyrics English

Hey! The clouds are laughing over head
With voices singing in my brain
Tidal waves end in model trains
Trailer truck and smoking stacks
Rising up from blackened brick
The bricks are heavy words are thick
Bricks are heavy words aren't anything

Hey! You better walk away this path
Is the tiger's zip code singing gnats
The words are tumbling out like dice

I'm the mayor of Olypmia
I'm the mayor of Olypmia
I'm the king of the fallen tree
Don't you waste your time with all this atmosphere
I can hardly breath

Hey! Feeling bruised but I feel fine
Truly there's no compromise
When I'm singing what say you?
"He thinks he's clever yes I do"

Lalala the walking dead
Thought is heavy words are lead
Fire as a metaphore
Turtles crossing street to show
They can hardly see
La da ta la ta da

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