Baited Breath

The Broadcaste


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  • Jason Constantine

Lyrics English

And then she whispered in my ear
Hey wouldn't you like to know
How it feels to be the king
You're golden
Why should you be holdin back
Scratch you're more than the flesh
More deserving than the rest
Lay your hands on me ascend to the throne

Come on and show me what the real deal is
Cure my affliction with your healing lips
Satisfy my hunger with a bite and a blow
Let's trade souls
You know you've got the music
Come on baby use it on me

Oh I can feel it don't stop, keep on
Get on top when you get there just drop
You'll never hit the floor you'll soar
You're in
Heaven's hands
It don't get any better than
Every dark desire you hold
Come on let's play anything goes tonight

And if you're looking for the truth
It's real, and it's here, go ahead and taste it
And if your cup runs low
Show a little faith
I'll bring you back to life again

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