Don't Go Downtown

Dave Stanley Band


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  • Dave Daoust

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Don't Go Downtown

Capo fret 3 Am C Am Em G


Don't go downtown tonight don't go down at all
Your better off repentin sister don't go down at all

Verse 1

Here comes your sister got them track marks on her arms
And how about your brother ringin 5 bell alarms
And little Jimmy got his welfare check you know he's goin for a drink
He's got 5 mouths to feed at home you know he don't even think
And cousin Mary's got her eye shadow on just another shade of blue
She's 45 dresses like she's 25 it's not the exception it's the rule


Instrumental Bridge

D Main riff D Main riff

Verse 2

And there he is standing n the corner all skin and bone
Scanning the parking lot for a cigarette butt
People all around he's feelin all alone
And here comes old Jimmy trying to bum a dime
Well there this guy and there is this deal
And don't I pay you back every time

Chorus Out

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