This House Is Haunted

JD Dohnal


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  • JD Dohnal, Mark Schaffel

Lyrics English

On ninety-seven acres I live all alone
Protected by an iron gate I have fountains made of stone
I've lived my life for wealth and these riches that I own
Like the silver-bordered picture from my daughter's trip to Rome
It hangs amongst the beauty of all that I possess
Listening to the echoes in the darkness

This house is haunted
A voice so lonely
Whispers through the window
With a taunting memory
My life casts shadows
That dance around me
Oh, I am astounded though I am surrounded by all I ever wanted
---This house is haunted

Her teenage smile is fixed in time beneath the Italian sun
Her eyes bright with confidence of years she thought to come
But God called her away from me and its left me feeling numb
Now look at what my mansion has become:
A ghost town built on fortune, a teary-eyed estate
The symbol of a lesson learned too late


Though her light shined for just a little while
It might as well have burned a thousand years
I can feel her spirit fill this place
With love, hope and grace, that time cannot erase

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