Morning Alone ft. Nicholas Ryan Gant

Soul Khan


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her family is three cats
a picture of her dead husband
regrets nothing
and she means that
because she wanna be something
other than
the other half
of another man
why repeat that?

she's got her own life now, she sleeps alone right now
every day's a weight lifted off her bones right now
can't let her friends know right now
It's only been a month; how'd you let him go right now?

she lost him
when it was a tossup between
a ventilator and a paper saying do not resuscitate him
her world detonated
to dust
she snuck away and lit up something that was mentholated
and puffed

they wanna stand by the widow
only when she sags like a willow
but she almost laughs at the casket like,
"now why the hell i have to buy a dead man a pillow?"


they say this is the hard part
the wounds that never close
and even if they don't scar
everyone still knows

so she waits
so she waits between space
and the taste of the morning alone
so she waits, she waits
so she waits between space
and the taste of the morning alone


now she's wondering
where's the long term struggle
the only thing buggin her's
the crossword puzzle
what's a five letter word
you're supposed to feel
when a loss has occurred
but before you've healed

that's grief,
but it's still not taking
effect in her chest
so she still not breaking
might say she's a still life painting
put her anywhere
but she's still not changing

cafe, coffee from malta
ashtray lookin like the rock of gibraltar
thinking bout the path they walked from the altar
her shrink tried to put her onto cymbalta

that's for depressed folks
might as well have told her ass to take a mentos
and get ghost
'cause she ain't had a tear roll
eyes dry as the pearls in her ear lobes, where'd she get those

that was for their anniversary
before the surgery
he said he fought worse back in germany
"don't worry,"
he said, "it's not gonna stop me"
i'll be back for the crosswords and coffee

she tried to sip but her bottom lip's trembling
remembering what she probably should have said to him
that's a chance that she's never gonna get again
then it settles in and she breaks down


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