Maybe It's Me

The Ranchhands


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  • Chris Tedesco

Lyrics English

drivin' you home tonight took forever
I guess there's nothing left to say
my eyes are dry but my heart is shedding tears
I never thought it'd end up this way
there's nothing I wouldn't do just to see you smile
nothing I wouldn't say to ease your mind
on your coldest day I wanna be there to comfort you
I wish I knew that you'd be there for mine
and did you ever think that

maybe it's me maybe it's that obvious
maybe it's you and me and a couple of drinks at a bar
and maybe it's me who re-writes your fairy tale
maybe your prince traded in his horse for a teal green car

last night I heard you crying
I could feel the tears run down your face
but I know you don't want my shoulder to lean on
or the warmth of my embrace
did you ever think that


I tried to chase away the fantasy
but I woke up on the wrong side of a dream
holdin' on to my pillow instead of you
when I say I care do you really know what I mean

I heard you're leavin' town tomorrow
I heard he's every thing you're looking for
well I'll always believe in you and everything you do
no matter where you are
and did you ever think that


and did you ever stop to wonder
maybe it's me

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