25 Years

Jesse Morrow


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  • Jesse Morrow

Lyrics English

Where did this come from?/These states, they seem so far/Where did this come from?/Did the skies just tear a part/And out came these pieces of my heart

When I awoke these pretty eyes were staring by my side/The morning fog that blinds the trees we now can be set free/Little on this path we walk it seems so straight /And what used to be these gates and chains they now can be replaced/It's the little things that make us want to dream

Love me like these northern winds that blow right through our lives/And I'll love you like these lake shores that go on for miles/Oh honey take my hand and I'll never give up/Because honey, we're still in love

Taking things just day by day always seems to make us strong/And the light that's shed from summer's sun never takes too long/Breaking boundaries as we go, these kids they've got to grow/We'll be proud of what they've done, because they reap just what we've sown/It's the little things that make us want to smile

Can you believe we made it through all of these years?/We braved the front and fought all of our fears

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