Keys To The Time Machine

Justin Hillman


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  • Justin Hillman

Lyrics English, Indian - Hindi

I'll unfold my map, and set a course
We'll travel far, but not from shore to shore.
I have built a ship, not for sea or sky
Gathered a loyal crew to leave it all behind.
I'll put on my driving gloves and buckle up,
with the present day I've had enough

My machine can take us
Wave goodbye and travel time

I wanna dance with the natives on Manhattans forest floor
Sing to the heavens, feel like I've been here before
(Om Namah Shivaya Gurudev)
Trek the ancient himalayas, live like a monk,
Walk with the Buddha, know the purest forms of love
(Hare Rama)
Help build the pyramids, maybe find an egyptian wife.
(Jai Jai Ma!)
There's so many different lives to live

My machine can take us
Wave goodbye and travel time

And now I've arrived, only to find
Everything I ever wanted, it had always been mine
I've made a grave mistake, lets just go home.
I turn to my first mate, he says "Shit, we locked the keys inside..."

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