Rolls In And Out

Jesse Morrow


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  • Jesse Morrow

Lyrics English

Sometimes it's cold in my life and it's cold in my soul and I've got no sunlight to light up my world, and when it rains oh it pours/There are people that I know, some young some grown, and they're walking staring at the ground, because when it rains it's coming down/And that's all right with me yeah, That's just fine you see because

Darling, blue skies, got nothing on your brown eyes/Maybe they're green sometimes but anyway/When that sun rise, I'll sit by your side and we'll watch the ocean tide as it rolls away yeah/It rolls away

Oh how it rolls back and fourth, some come some go, but when it rains it pours/And that's all right with me yeah, that's just fine you see because

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