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I've got games, I've got everybody fooled
I'm not breathing air, I'm breathing lies
I've got news, I've got everybody thinking
I'll be fine without you

So take your time waving those goodbyes
My pride will stop me yet again this time
Good riddance is all the words I can say
And my heart dabs it's tears and cries and my face
Is stern and dry till another time
Waiting for another rainy day

I've got me sitting above these tired feet
Contemplating what I've done
You're far from home, his hands on yours below your cheek
It's not a lack of love that holds my reach
So take your time looking in those eyes
It's not too long ago you stared in mine
This movie is far too boring without you
And yeah stop and think of me sometimes
The boy who wasn't man enough to cry
And hid all the love he felt for you

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