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  • Lincoln Barr

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Sarah, my ever-lovely terror / Bind me by my arms and keep me wide awake / I fear you - I shudder when I'm near you / When you put that gun to my throat, my whole body aches / It takes time to comply with your demands / Cross off each item by hand / Dead, I'll dream of what our love could've been / I hope that someone will remember me then / Colder - and incrementally bolder / The sight of my blood makes you hot and red behind the ears / Dearest - my vision ain't the clearest / But when I was wincing in pain, I swear I saw tears / It took years to comply with your demands / Cuffs around both of my hands / Stretched to my limit, impossibly spent / My need for direction met your need to vent / And as for my life, I don't care where it went at all / SOLO / September the first, I begged for your worst / Now under the ground I lay / You pine in the night for someone my height / To kneel at your feet and say / "Oh Sarah, have your way"

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