Such an Easy Thing

Red Jacket Mine


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  • Lincoln Barr

Lyrics English

The serpent king is jealous to the core / 'Cos the palace has become another store / And oh, what I wouldn't give / To have just a little more / Just a little more / The faithful lying static on their backs / Clip-on tie and polyester slacks / Singing I pledge to disregard the facts / And glory hallelujah / 'Til every throat is sore / But I've got nothing to say to ya anymore / Syrup taste to cough the night away / Sleep in tight and it'll be OK / And I've got no conscience to obey / It's silent, anyway / And I'm feeling like a funeral / With fringes wearing thin / To seem a bit unusual is just as good as sin / How long will you hang over me with that look on your face? / You saved my life, but that was long ago / Since then, my shout's turned to a whine, and it's starting to show / Love's such an easy thing to forget / 'Cos it's impossible to know / Love is such an easy thing

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