How Many Days

Circus Mind


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  • Mark Rechler

Lyrics English

"It's queer" she said, I can see the light

a poem I read, late last night

Five men with wands, began to dance

Then wandered on, to take a chance
Looking west turning straight

Do not stop or hesitate

Simple creatures I must admit

One plays the teacher one can not quit

How Many Days must I see the madness that's in their eyes

How many ways can they cheat the darkness that's in their lives?

It's clear she said, no word I heard

And the lights would flash, and the paper burned,

Now its sorrow that they seek

Their ship of fools just sprung a leak

One takes a stand, Begins to shout

While all the others live in doubt,

Fooling Love, Faking pain

Wasting life that I Disdain

Water Flowing, stars are showing, I'm falling down

Time is phasing, thought are hazing, I'm slowing down

I no longer say "before you know it "

The sky was gray as we walked away

And I couldn't show it.

It's here she said, and walked right in

I turned around, the dance begins

It's in my head to my surprise

All there games, and all there lies

Seduction for the lonely one

Production ends, the nightmare's done

I slip inside, and reach within

And all the others start to grin

How many days must I see the madness that's in there eyes.........

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