Big Bear Huggable

Paul Helou


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  • Paul Helou

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Big Bear Huggable My name is Big Bear Huggable - I'm strong but soft and loveable - I live here in the forest with my friends among the trees - These hills are full of wonder - Sunshine, rain and thunder - Walk with me and share in all this beauty if you please ‚ñ∫Yes I am just a creature - But I can be your teacher - See the streams and valleys as we keep good company - We'll pick the bright red berries - And eat the sweetest cherries - And tango through the forest as we dance in harmony ‚ñ∫And wisdom is the balance you must seek right from the start - And as you walk this earth just let your mind speak to your heart - And this world can be a better place when you are true - To the light of love and kindness that shines inside of you ‚ñ≤

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