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  • Paul Helou

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Eureka When you've got yourself a good idea - And that magical solution just seems to appear - You could be from New York or Paris, London or Topeka - When that learning light comes on just say, "Ah Ha Uhuh Eureka!" ‚ñ∫ Aha, uhuh, eureka - Aha, uhuh, eureka - Aha, uhuh, eureka - Say, ah ha ha hoo hoo ‚ñ∫ It's a natural part of being alive - It's like learning to swim so you can jump in and dive - Go tell Jim and John and Suzy and your favorite friend Shemeka - You can say it all together, say, "Ah Ha Uhuh Eureka!" ‚ñ∫ Who do you think you are? You're a cosmic child, you're connected to a star - You can live your life with joy, you got that right - To thine own self be true, you've got to shine out with your bright light ‚ñ≤

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