Mr. Wiggly Jiggly Bones

The Hipwaders


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  • Fausto G. Uquillas

Lyrics English

My name is Mr. Wiggly Jiggly Bones

I died in the Civil War

I ain't afraid of nothin'

'cause I can't really die no more

I ran with the rebel army

In 1864

I got blown up by a lead cannon ball

Can't exactly run no more

My sacrum's always creakin'

My coccyx is a mess

My hinge and ball & socket joints

Are wobbly as the rest

Oh, they never found my ears

They misplaced my toes

I don't really smell too bad

'cause I ain't got a nose...

He tried so hard to fix me up

That good ol' Dr. Jones

Finally he said there ain't no hope

For these wiggly jiggly bones

Now if you've been bad that's when I'll creep

While you're sleeping and all alone

I'll jump around and dance on your bed

In these wiggly jiggly bones


So you better be good, never sing this song

No! ...not even a note

Or late at night I'll dance on your bed

And with a giggle, I'll nip off a toe...

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