Yes, It's Christmas

The Hipwaders


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  • Fausto G. Uquillas

Lyrics English

I saw Santa Claus

Flying through December skies

I heard his sleighbells ring

Jingle-jangle, jing-jang-jing

He's got my Christmas list

Gee I hope he doesn't miss

My house this year

Yes, It's Christmas

Oh, yes, it's Christmastime

The season comes once a year

And fills our heart with holiday cheer

Sing out loud, sing with joy

Make a wish for your favorite toy

Hang the mistletoe above

Give a kiss to the one you love

Let's all trim the tree

Hang a stocking and a wreath

Before Christmas Eve



Spread the word

It's a word that should be heard

Tis the season of love

And like the light from above

Shine your hope across the world

Raise your voices to be heard

On Christmas Day

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year...

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