Speed Of Love

The Hipwaders


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  • Fausto G. Uquillas

Lyrics English

Things below are suddenly above

I'm a victim of a puppy's love

This little doggie has spun me 'round

Head first I go I make a screaming sound

I'm falling at the speed of love

Got a goldfish and a hermit crab

"That's good enough!" cried Mom and Dad

Can't help the feeling that I've been robbed

Come on Mom & Dad I want a puppy dog!


Big sad eyes and a cold wet nose

A soft fuzzy puppy that I can hold

A cute little doggie keeps on calling

It's difficult to walk when I keep on falling...


I'll feed him and I'll bathe him and we'll go for walks

I'll even scoop his doodie off the sidewalk

Any breed will do - I'm living in a fog

I'm so blinded by love I'll need a seeing eye dog


I want that dog...I need that dog...I love that dog

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