Howling At The Moon

The Hipwaders


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  • Fausto G. Uquillas

Lyrics English

Last Halloween I trick-or-treated with Pete

Dressed like a werewolf he really smelled - he reeked

I just figured the odor was for authenticity

A full moon in the sky, air filled with electricity

House to house we gathered goodies

The sugar made us swoon

We leaped about our eyes aglow

Arching our backs

We howled at the moon...ah, ooh...

Throughout the night Pete disappeared now and then

He acted suspicious when I asked him where he had been

His bag seemed fuller - I swear something moved inside

He threw the bag on his back I knew he had something to hide


Beware the moonlit night when cavorting back and forth

Is a bag of candy worth a wolf bite on the throat?

I had enough I pulled at his wig and beard

They held fast - they didn't budge - it's what I had feared

Pete was a full-blooded werewolf boy that's the awful fact

In his bag he had a squirrel, a opossum, poodle dog, and a cat


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