How I Believed

Brooke Brown Saracino


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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

So yeah, I'm afraid of the fall

'cause you don't care about me at all

and you can go on fighting gravity

but please just, just let go of me


But you're gonna do what you've got to do

And I'm not above love but you claim

It's below you

And you can't own this memory

'cause it's how I believe you ever loved me

And I held on tight

To the idea of you and me

As you tried so effortlessly to silence me

You know I could be angry for the distance you made

But the truth is even though I begged

I stayed


So open your hands to this

Some long distance with a never again kiss

I think it's about time for me to let you go

'cause the distance between us

Will only grow

The distance between us

Will only grow


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