Half A Buck

Brooke Brown Saracino


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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

Half a buck and I'm all out of luck

I said, I'll have to come back later

But he was not there later

And half my heart

I'm all out of art

I fear I'm just a sad girl

Trying to write a sad song


Oh but part of me loses

When part of you chooses

All the things you could do without

And part of me misses

The part of you that kisses

My half open

My half open mouth

And half my body

And half my blood

I can't separate now

My flesh from my love

And half of me let

As half of him took

As half of me wept

As half of him never looked

He never looked

And all of me fears

What all of me knows

You choose

What I chose

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