Invisible Chains

Hollie LA


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  • Hollie Shepard, Kosta Lois

Lyrics English

Can't understand why I didn't ask why

Oh I guess, I thought you knew wrong from right

My mistake was trustin ya so easily

Can't turn back or deny, all these tears that I've cried

And watch reality pass me on by

So it's about time I, respond with a reply

And finally just say good-bye

You may not be able to see that

These INVISIBLE CHAINS are upon me

Your love comes only with a lock because

You don't want the key that could free me

I can't see what you want me to see

Oh I can't be who you want me to be

I can't feel what you're describing to me

All I know, is I can't, hardly breathe

Cause your words have been suffocating

And if you can't tell yet, you've damaged me

That kind of love I just don't need

The distance between us will never change (no)

Even though the family we share remains the same (yeah)

The faith and hope I had in you was lost

The minute my life suffered the ultimate cost

These Invisible Chains

These Invisible Chains

These Invisible Chains ... are here upon me

Trapped in your world of make believe

In your eyes you think you're protecting me ... oh ...

You'll never, you'll never, know ... you'll never know ... how much you've affected me

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