February Song

Brooke Brown Saracino


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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

He talks like a man and she talks like one too

I talk like a woman and I don't talk to you

I turned my cheek because I don't belong

I turned my cheek 'cause I'd rather sing

I'd rather sing a song

These are the feet that count the beat of my dread

These are all the things I wish I could've said

These are my hands, they are tired of crying

I'm trying to speak with a silent word


But I felt it too

Half of me, and half of you

But I haven't the words

I haven't the words

This is your arm

It's stronger than mine

This is you telling me everything is fine

But this is your world

It is not mine

The lines will cross but they will not meet


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