Best Friend

The Ranchhands


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  • Chris Tedesco

Lyrics English

Best Friend tempo 62

Verse I
Did you think that love would never find you again
Did you feel like you wasted precious years of life on him
Did you doubt yourself and wonder who's to blame for what went wrong
Did you worry about the baggage you were bound to bring along

And did you ever think you'd find someone with everything you need
You didn't plan on meeting me

I'd buy a dozen roses for you at the grocery store
Take away the pain you've had to endure
Fill you up with love so high
Leaving only happy tears to cry
Be your escape when you wanna run away and hide
Stand beside you when the world ain't on your side
I could right all the wrongs, show you a love so strong
And you don't have to look any further than me
Your best friend

Verse II
Did you think a year ago you'd be standing here today
Did you think your life could change so fast along the way
And when you thought you knew the answers to the questions of your heart
Did you think that leaving me behind, wouldn't be so hard

And someday you might second guess, decisions that you made
But by then I'll be gone, and my faith will be strong
That a better love is on the way

And I'll make her breakfast in bed in the middle of the afternoon
Watch for shooting stars by the light of the moon
Stop at nothing just to treat her right
Be the last voice she hears at night
Be her escape when she wants to run away and hide
Stand beside her when the world ain't on her side

It could've been me holding you
But I'll save my heart for a love that's true
And when I look into her eyes I'll see
My best friend
And I won't have to look any further than her
My best friend

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