In This Town

Brooke Brown Saracino


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  • Brooke Brown-Saracino

Lyrics English

In this town

I can see the moon rise

You point from the window

It's all a disguise

As you shake with your regret

For a love you have yet

To lose

In this room the past looms over us

And this is where I had you last

But spare me the pain

Of remembering how it was

With you


It's not a waiting point,

A goodbye or an apology

This is you, your life, in your hands

It's not the way you move

Or the way she moves you

Remember when life was so good

It made breathing hard

And this house will never be my home

'cause I'd rather keep on moving

as a stranger unknown

never close enough to really

let go


In this heart

There is room

For you

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