Tchop That Wood

Big Blue Marble


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  • David M Fera

Lyrics English

chop that wood, chop that wood, everybody's feeling good,
gotta keep it warm inside, gotta keep the kids alive.

fill the stove, fill the stove, time to make another row,
another cord, another rheem, time to chop another load.

don't know why, don't know why, don't know why I made you cry,
I never said that I would quit, I guess I got a knack for it.

your medicine, your medicine, your medicine won't work again
it could be your only friend, time to double up again.

counting petals on a flower,
dreamed I was lying in the grass,
butterflies in an orgy,
you gotta make the summer last.

feeling low, feeling low, underneath a foot of snow,
the weatherman won't let me know, if the sun will ever show.

Bear skin rug, bear skin rug, give that bear a big bear hug,
feeling like an indian, time to sleep with the bear again



there are people who will tell you that the world is flat,
their lies are like rabbits they pull from their hats,

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