Go Down Swingin

Steve Rice


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  • Ken Morrison, Stephen J Rice

Lyrics English


I'm gonna go down swingin'
There'll be a tale to tell
Like a boxer in the ring
I'll give my everything
Until I hear that final bell ...Welll

I'm gonna go down swingin'
Whether I'm right or wrong
I know without a doubt
Until the lights go out
You're gonna hear me singin' this song

I'm gonna go down swingin'
The world is gonna know
She went out with a bang
She'd swing, she swung, she swang
You should have seen that final show - Whoa

I'm gonna go down swingin'
Long after I am gone
When you hear that melody
You'll still remember me
That's how this girl is gonna carry on

Songwriters: Steve Rice and Ken Morrison

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