Tied Up



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  • Jonathan Roberto, Michael Rosario, Stephen Cartaciano

Lyrics English

Y'all need to go and get with the vibe/ the ticking seconds of time is a wasting, I'm okay with the bribes so bring it on
The philly is cracked open instead of the zags/ you can pass after a couple of drags
I'm something bad for you like tobacco/ and the fact remains the future's glum so I'ma take it back like that
And it don't quit/ just throw your hands in the air like this
So put your glock away and click back to safety/ busting to many caps can slay me
But I ain't no vampire or rapper for hire/ I'm casting a fire on the amplifier
While the rap game's all tied up/ I'll be tackling like a Saskatchewan Rough Rider
Providing I supply the right timing for the wrong to happen/ my profession is rapping

Every so often the weather is dropping in the metropolitan/ yes, it's on again
Once upon a time there was a group named Fineprint/ they made music everywhere they went
Thee end, for now, How long? Who knows/ for your midday woes we're keeping you on your toes and it shows
That's how the story goes, so far yet so close/ here's an extra dose
Make you feel the real deal, you can keep the other stuff/ we're gonna reveal so go ahead and cover up
We're troublesome, time keep rolling and the hits just keep on coming/ you can get a witness but we saw nothing
Testify and I'll bet that you're set to kiss your ass goodbye
That's just my opinion, leave it or take it/ love it or hate it, what remains is we made it

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