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  • Jonathan Roberto, Michael Rosario, Stephen Cartaciano

Lyrics English

I don't wanna do it but I know I have to/ you don't understand me, I don't understand you
Ain't nothing I can do about it, there's nothing I can do/ life is smelling sour, somebody light a candle
But do we have to pray just to make it today? I'll hit you hard like a hammer 'cause I'm a MC
Which stands for Master of the Ceremony but certainly I'm the only master of me, myself and I
As I kiss the sky, excuse me if I ever got in your way
Let me flow like the water tap of Bobby Boucher but I won't tackle you, at least not physically
Listen to how our composition was done rhythmically/ if I don't sense your touch then you're not feeling me
Come on now, you gotta be kidding me/ It's gonna take a lot more for you to get rid of me

Every time I hear the same old stuff on my boom box and I've had enough of enough
And enough of the acting tough and the bragging and boasting/ I'm not the chosen one
I'm the one who chose the blue pill/ 'nuff respect due to you if your crew's ill
Who will be next to step to the plate/ we're the band that you're loving to hate and hating to love
We're staying above the water under the bridge/ shit, it's all wonderful, kid
I love what you did when you're doing well/ me and my brother deal with an "L" on the daily
I'm 'bout to break your record like Donovan Bailey then you'll say that Jonathan's crazy
You can't erase me, this shit is permanent/ how're you gonna feel it if you haven't even heard of it?
Before I let go, a penny for your thoughts: this ain't the same stuff you're hearing on your boom box
It's a movement of music that was meant to pull you up like tube sox
I hope you got ready to rock steady/ I guarantee you'll be licking more than two shots

I'm kinda nervous so help me out and help me help you like what Jerry Maguire shouts near the shower
Do you know I can flow for an hour or so? It doesn't matter, I don't wanna chatter or brag about my pattern just to flatter your dome tops
I stay below and don't go 'cause it don't stop
But you and I, we gotta keep going/ life is that important and plus somebody has to do it and that's the damn truth
Oops, pardon my expression but who are you to pardon me?
The art is a part of me I can't resist/ it ain't a clog in your artery you feel in your wrist
It's the rhythm in your hands that make you clap to this/ I know a man named San that's gonna master this
And another named Stutter that's scratching this/ it ain't a hit if it's bound to miss so just move

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