Typical Man

Billy Brush


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  • William Robert Brush

Lyrics English

I give this map to you, shows you everything I've
Done wrong in my life so that you will have a
Clue of who I am and there will be no
Surprise when you realize that I am not your

Shining knight riding on a white horse to save you from the worst
Instead I'm the scrawny guy who runs and hides behind the rocks
Looking down examining the grass hoping this will pass
Cause I am just a typical man

I wish I could be that guy who's infinitely wise
No future, no past, just today is all he has
And he sees our lives for the house of cards they are
The laughter in his eyes tells me I am not your...

I drove 3,000 long miles so that I could leave
My past behind in my hometown but when I parked
The car guess who was there greeting me
Just a slightly traveled version of myself and I told me
That I'm still not the, I'm still not the...Typical Man

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