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  • John Osebold, KIRK ANDERSON

Lyrics English

Why do you go
Come see the snow
Or maybe my thoughts
I feel so distraught
For reasons I don't know
This myth born of math
A mystical path
What we perceive
Refuse to believe
Or stop to catch a breath
Why do you go
Stay for the show
The sky overhead
Is turning to red
Your halo is aglow
Rectangles & circles & squares unaware
An angle, a circuit, a dare to be spared
Rectangles & circles & squares unaware
An angel, a circus, a flare for the air
Rectangles turn to circles
Circles into squares
Squares into each other
Apart and unaware
An angle burns a circuit
A circuit is a dare
A dare unto a brother
A partner to be spared
An angel to a circus
A circus made aware
A flare for one another
A star lit for the air
So fly now
fly now
fly now
Goodbye now

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