French Affair

Gayle Cloud


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  • Gayle Cloud

Lyrics French

Je t'aime, ! Je t'aime, Je t'aime, Je t'aime

When we met I was lured by your mind
I felt no desire
An ember grew to a flame
Pushing me higher
Je ne sais pas pourquoi, je t'aime
Mais Je reve, Je reve de toi , Je t'aime

You're my love
Our time has come
We touch, we become one

I feel your breath
Stir in my soul
Blazing two hearts to one whole

In your eyes
I can see
Your love reflected in me

We danced along the Seine one night
Swaying inside of the beat
The drummer called to us
Raising our rhythm and heat

Je ne sais pas pourquoi je t'aime
Et je sais c'est fini entre nous
Mais je reve, je reve di toi

It is sad, we will part,
A strong heart we earned
Free to go our own way in life
Our memory will burn
Je ne sais pas pourquoi je t'aime
Mais Je reve , je reve de toi, Je t'aime

Je t'aime, Je 'ta! ime, je t'aime

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